Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank you Visionary Cycle Products!

We would like to introduce you to the latest addition to Just Kickers' sponsor team, Visionary Cycle Products.

Visionary Cycle Products is a company that is dedicated to bringing you the high quality made in the USA products for your true vintage motorcycle needs. We have a great new line up of parts which include our Stellings & Hellings Replica Springer Top Clamps and Risers, and also a full line of high quality replacement castings for your knucklehead and early panhead rigid frames which include our replica axle plates, replica side car loops, replica necks. We are planning on having complete OEM replica Knucklehead and Panhead frames ready for retail sales sometime in the summer of 2014. We are also right in the middle of production on our Super Narrow Hydraglide 41mm Triple Trees. These will also have a narrowed headlight tin cover set available which we are currently working on as well. 

The idea behind the company is to fill a lot of voids in the market that we have found throughout the years of building custom bikes for people. Voids meaning either parts that are just no longer available, parts that are available but due to offshore cheap manufacturing do not fit or finish properly, or just simply new parts that fit the look of the style of bike that we like. Everything that is made by us is 100% made in the USA right down to the nuts, bolts, and washers that we use for our assembly. Every single piece that we make passes through our hands for a final quality control check to ensure that our customers are receiving the highest quality product that we can offer. We are not interested in pumping the market full of cheaply made products that might only last a season or two.  We are interested in providing people with parts for their bikes that will last a lifetime that are made by highly skilled craftsman. 

Thanks for your kind donation of shirts, stickers and a set of VCP Deluxe Model Cast Aluminum Floorboard Inserts. Someone will be one happy camper taking these home!
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