Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cannonball er! Another local friend

#73 Greg McFarland

I have been involved with motorcycles since I was a teenager when I used to ride dirt bikes along the bayou in Houston, Texas.  I have acquired a handful of vintage bikes over the last 10 years and enjoy riding and working on them.  I first heard about the Cannonball in 2010 and decided this is something that I wanted to do.  The man and machine against the elements appeals me. The challenge of preparing and riding a vintage motorcycle on such trek is the ultimate challenge as a rider and as a mechanic.  I acquired a 1926 Harley Davidson J in early 2012 and began rebuilding it to run the Cannonball.  When the opportunity to participate in the 2014 Cannonball presented itself I jumped at it.  Being a petroleum geologist finding oil is what I do.  The sweetest oil I’ve ever found was under my old bike after a long satisfying ride.
1926 Harley Davidson J

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