Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lowbrow Customs

It's awesome when companies get your goals and promote your event. Lowbrow Customs have been taking care of the home builder since 2004. What started off as a small company, Lowbrow has become the biggest name for carrying parts for many styles of motorcycles. Tyler and Kyle appreciate quality and house well known brands like Biltwell, Hippy Killer, David Bird, Burly Brand, Loser Machine,4 Aces Cycles, S&S to name a few. They have also provided the home builder the ability to learn to fab with their extensive line of how to DVD's created in house and have a full page dedicated to DIY tech tips
Basically you could crack open a beer, log in into their site and by the time your done, you could have all of the necessary parts for your next build. Their insane shipping department prides themselves as the fastest shipping around. 
We appreciate Lowbrow Customs support!!!!

Let's not forget that Lowbrow is the only online site authorized to sell the Born Free Bike Show posters. Each poster comes with a free ticket to the Invite Builders promo. 18 of the 32 builders have included their bike to the "You win it, you pick it". That's right, you get the bike of your choice, buy your poster here

Do us a favor and support Lowbrow Customs:

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