Saturday, September 29, 2012


A Big Thanks to Lisa,Scott,and Juan for the help with getting things going on our second event! Juan did a great job with nailing my thoughts on new art! Lisa with her talent and great work with Sponsor relations,and Scott at Chemical Candy-Back Street Buckets for jumping in and also bringing in some new sponsors and ideas 
 There may be a few of you who may not know this but there is a dude out west behind the scene that is one crazy MF that has alot to do with getting me off my ass and doing this event. I met BJ on the side of I-20 several years back when his Knuckle was broke down and I hit the same exit where my Knuckle was needing fixin as well,we have been sharing same thoughts about events and what they should be ever since.(i guess you would say where 2 Knuckleheads met)We wanted it to be just a gathering of like minded folks and not a circus or shopping mall. There must be alot of folks with same idea because that is what our first event was and will continue to be. It is not about the money!If this event continues to grow it will keep getting cheaper to attend and we will just give more shit away.It does cost money to do this and have place to gather but I have no intentions to make a profit! I remember when every one use to throw some money in and then buy some food,drink,and just share there knowledge,experiences,parts,and party!
 Our sponsors are ones that help us with keeping this love of old iron and culture going,and I just want to say THANK YOU for your participation and showing that customer appreciation to those of us who share the same passion 

 Kevin Bass has a term he uses that says it all VINTAGE ADDICTION,  We have it Bad!! be it Choppers,Bobbers or just old bikes!! WE love them all!!

Kirk and BJ

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