Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lone Star River Run

Just got a text from my Bud Arron that started this River Run                   see text below

This years River Run will be held October 19-21st.  Everything is the same as past years events as far as the campsites go.  Well be staying at the 1st 0 crossing with rockin r's outfit called "camp huaco springs" their addy is 4150 River Road, New Braunsfels, TX 78132 (888-GO-CAMPN) if you need to google
directions.  The price stayed the same, electrical sites are $30 per night, but you can split a single site between 4 guys/bikes.  This year i wont be  reserving sites, so you can reserve them yourselves, or just pay them when you show up, there never busy that time of year anyways.  Im not promoting the run near as much this year, im just sending this text, so invite who you want.  I dont have many of you in my contacts, so spread the word as you see fit.
Looking forward to having a damn good time with you all.

I am promoting it because it is a damn good time!!!!

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