Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thanks Warren!

JR's Cycle Products

We would like to thank Warren  for helping us spread the word on our event.

   Warren Heir the owner and operator of Jr’s Cycle Products. “I started working with my old man at Warren’s Cycle when I was much younger, moved onto my own shop 2 years ago in Milwaukee WI.  I produce parts as well as build and fix motorcycles.  I really love vintage choppers, 60-70’s period.  I think that is evident in the bikes that I build.  Influences, my dad, Denver Mullins, Randy Smith, Dick Allen, Arlen Ness, Ron Finch, David Mann, Michael Lichter and Easyriders magazine.  I want to make my mark on an industry that I was raised in and love.  Choppers Rule!”. You can check out all of Warren’s products at

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